Transform demanding claims and returns into a simple and profitable process

Modern commerce – whether it takes place via online shops, in a physical store or via B2B – requires efficient administration for claims and returns. At Reclaimit, we are experts on how to improve your profitability in the aftermarket phase of the purchase process.

Smart technology

Our operations are based essentially on intuitive and effective systems that are adapted to your specific needs, and automate the entire return and claims process. We embrace a high level of technical competence and considerable knowledge of all kinds of commerce. This means that we can rapidly implement our systems, integrate them with your own business systems and/or Internet, customise the systems in accordance with your requirements, and offer you a simpler everyday life with improved profitability.

What we offer
What we offer

Benefits for you and your customers

All surveys indicate that more consumers would buy more with a simpler claims process. We help you to cut your costs and strengthen the relationship with your customers. A simple return and claims process strengthens your brand and leads to more long-term business relationships. We also contribute to you having fewer write-offs.

Payment model with low risk

Irrespective of whether you trade via online shops, physical store or both, it is equally simple to use our services. Our customers pay a subscription fee as well as a low charge for each processed item. If you would like to obtain a price estimate for your specific business, please contact as at +46 911-102 01 or

What we offer
What we offer

What we offer

  • Automated administration of returns and claims without irritating telephone queues
  • Adaptation to your business and your customers
  • Availability 24/7 all year round
  • Processing via a user-friendly interface
  • Faster and smoother administration of items with fewer errors
  • Reduced costs – improved profitability
  • Simpler and easier processing for your customers
  • Fewer claims thanks to clearer information
  • Flexible follow-up and statistics feature
  • Negotiation advantages with your suppliers
  • Possibilities for better customer-care and improved customer service
  • Professional advice and guidance

If you would like to know more about how we can help you, please call us at +46 911-102 01 or send an email to

Comments about Reclaimit

What we offer

“Thanks to Reclaimit’s automated return systems, we have now obtained full control of all our returns at the same time as our customers appreciate the simplicity and clarity”

Simon Forslund, Bra Sommarmöbler

What we offer

”We have been working with Reclaimit for several years. As we are launching our web shop in Sweden, Reclaimit’s omnichannel service is an ideal way of efficiently handling returns and complaints.”

Juha-Mikko Saviluoto, POWER International AS

What we offer

“Reclaimit has enabled us to offer higher service levels as well as reducing our administration regarding returns and complaints. We have also improved our quantification, making us more proactive.”

Anton Malmberg, KitchenTime