Physical stores

The store staff gets a simple, user-friendly process for performing customer returns or complaints, and receive full control of the terms and conditions that the specific return, complaint or exchange is affected by. Full control also means fewer write-offs for you the retailer, as complaints that are not replaced by the supplier can followed up in the system with ease.

How Reclaimit handles returns, complaints or exchanges

  • Reclaimit is integrated with the store’s business system via an API.
  • The claim is registered in Reclaimit’s interface which communicates with the store’s business system. 
  • The store staff retrieves the customer’s receipt data and products for the appropriate purchase and then registers the claim in the system. The customer is guided through the simple registration process and can receive tips that ease the need for lodging a product complaint.
  • The system keeps track of all the conditions that linked to the customer’s claim and stops claims where the withdrawal period, warranty period or similar has expired or where returns, complaints or exchanges are not possible for other reasons.
  • When the claim is registered, a consignment note is printed and the cash register system is updated if a refund is to be made.
  • The retailer’s warehouse staff can then handle all registered claims, forward them, print out consignment notes, communicate with third parties, etc. 
  • There is an option for sending automatic status updates to the customer by SMS or e-mail.
  • The recipient of the goods (i.e. the warehouse or supplier) can see in the system if a product is on the way, approve or reject a claim directly in the system and contact the store via the system.

Would you like to know more?

Our system solutions are designed to reduce your manual handling costs while also generating added value for your customers through simple, user-friendly processes for claims and returns. Whether you are in e-commerce, have a physical store or are in B2B, we have solutions for your line of business. We also offer customised system solutions based on standard modules for more businesses with more complex needs.