Your retailers receive a simpler, more modern system for handling their returns and complaints.  While you get full control of the returns and 
complaints that have arrived, that are on the way and the status of each claim . 

How Reclaimit manages returns, complaints or exchanges

  • Reclaimit is simple to integrate with the your ERP system or other business system via an API.
  • With a return or complaint, the retailer logs into their account in the system and registers their returns/complaints without needing to make a call or fill out a physical return form.
  • The retailer is guided through the simple registration process.
  • As the product recipient you always know which products are on the way. 
  • The system keeps track of all the terms and conditions that are linked to the retailer’s return/claim and stops claims where the conditions have been exceeded. The customer guided through the simple registration process and can, among other things, receive tips that alleviate the need for lodging a product complaint.
  •  In the administration interface you list what the customer needs to specify in registration if, for example, the customer needs to attach photos, provide details about damaged packaging, etc.
  •  When the retailer has registered their claim the system can create a consignment note that is printed out on your shipping agreement with the recipient’s address you have specified. 
  • There is an option for sending automatic status updates to the retailer by SMS or e-mail.
  • The recipient of the goods (i.e. the warehouse or supplier) can see in the system if a return/complaint is on the way, approve or reject a claim directly in the system and contact you/the retailer via the system.

Would you like to know more?

Our system solutions are designed to reduce your manual handling costs while also generating added value for your customers through simple, user-friendly processes for claims and returns. Whether you are in e-commerce, have a physical store or are in B2B, we have solutions for your line of business. We also offer customised system solutions based on standard modules for more businesses with more complex needs.