How we took a leading position within return and claims administration

When we started Reclaimit in 1999 we were two entrepreneurs in the commerce industry with focus on consumer electronics. Even though we were active in separate parts of Sweden, we joined forces and started a new business together. The goal was to become a nationwide service chain. Back then, commerce was already a complex and challenging industry where companies struggled with after sales. We discovered that there wasn’t any simple nor profitable ways to administrate the manual processes when dealing with claims and returns.

In 2015 we realized that the consumer electronics industry isn’t the only industry in need for systems regarding returns and complaints. There are many other industries that struggles with manual processes and high costs, due to lack of control regarding complaints that aren’t replaced by the distributors. Knowing this, we started to expand our system solutions to fit businesses in other industries. Today we’re working with a wide range of industries, and we have a leading position in Scandinavia when it comes to systems for returns and complaints.

It’s with great joy we can establish that we have created a unique and effective system for after sales, which is adjustable to the different branches in the commerce industry.

“83% of e-commerce consumers would shop more if the process for claims was easier”


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About us

We know this sector very well

We believe wholeheartedly in the principle of “satisfied customers always come back” – both for our own customers and our customers’ customers. Smart systems are of course important – but the key to our success is knowledge of the sector and purchasing behavior. It must be easy and cost-effective for everyone to buy products via the internet or in a physical store.

By automatizing the manual administration of returns and complaints, we simplify the daily process for the commerce industry and their consumers. 

Tailor-made customer value

Our solutions are adapted to our customers specific requirements. We act as a sounding-board for you when you want to take the next step, and we focus continuously on your profitability and effectiveness. Our automated services imply less manual handling, less freight and fewer write-offs, as well as correct processing.

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About us