We turn a bad buy into a great experience

Sometimes things don’t work out. That’s why we create great experiences so that your customers come back and buy again.


Automagical worldwide

Reclaimit is your one-stop-shop for returns, complaints and claims. We manage all aspects of returns and ensure that you receive payment from your suppliers. With our automated processing, you avoid costly customer management issues and hassle with consignment notes. And you get full control, regardless of where your customers are located.

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Cut costs

As a merchant, when you automate your processing of returns and claims, you cut your costs by up to 80 percent.

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Global expansion

Irrespective of whether you are based in Sweden, the Nordics or worldwide, you can automated your returns and claims.

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The most loyal customers

We ensure that the returns process feels as straightforward as the purchasing experience. This increases the likelihood customers will come back to you. Again and again.

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Get complete control

With Reclaimit, you get complete control of returns and claims processes. Either directly via our back-office interface or integrate with your returns management system.

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Reduce unnecessary complaints

We create bespoke tips so that your customers can resolve small issues themselves and not return a product unnecessarily. This saves you time and makes your customers happier.

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Process claims automatically

Avoid the hassle of manually processing different terms and conditions and rules for all your manufacturers. We process everything automatically and you receive payment confirmations directly into the system.

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Offload customer service

If you currently allow your customer service agents to process all incoming returns and send returns notes manually, you have a lot to gain from booking a demo with us.

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Same processing in-store as online

We offer you and your customers the same experience and processing across all channels. Our system keeps track of terms and conditions, shipments, suppliers, service partners and more.

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How can we help?

Reclaimit processes returns, complaints, claims, repairs and refurbishments. Basically everything you can think ofin the repurchase process.


Reclaimit has transformed bad buys into great customer experiences for about 20 years. We started our journey in electronics and built up a nationwide service network in home electronics and white goods. Already back then we realised the value of great customer service in a complex and challenging sector, where retailers were struggling to manage the aftermarket simply and profitably to retain their customers.

Since then, we’ve processed 16 million customer requests in a raft of segments focused on returns, complaints, claims and service. Today, we are the leading provider of automated returns and complaints systems in the Nordics.

While technology, systems and processes have developed and been refined over the years, we have never relinquished our focus on creating great experiences for your customers so that they want to come back and buy more. That you also get full control and reduce your costs by around 80 per cent are of course welcome added benefits.

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