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By automating the manual processes that are used to manage returns and complaints, our systems can cut your handling costs by up to 80%.  As the customer handles their returns or complaints via our system at the retailer’s own website, there are also more opportunities to inspire the customer to make a replacement repurchase. The system also constitutes a simpler, more user-friendly process for the customer.

Physical stores

Store staff gets a simple, user-friendly process for handling customer returns or complaints, while also receiving full control of the terms and conditions that the specific return, complaint or exchange is affected by. Full control also means fewer write-offs for you the retailer, as complaints that are not replaced by the supplier can be followed up in the system with ease.


Your retailers get a simpler, more modern process for handling returns and complaints, while you also receive full control of the returns/complaints that have arrived or are on the way and the status of each issue. 

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